West Bengal Government Upgrades Sourav Ganguly’s Security Cover to Z Category

West Bengal Government Upgrades Sourav Ganguly’s Security Cover to Z Category

The West Bengal government has upgraded former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly’s security cover to the prestigious Z category. This decision highlights the government’s commitment to ensuring Ganguly’s safety and reflects his prominence in the sporting world.

Ganguly will now receive round-the-clock protection from a highly trained security team during public appearances and personal engagements. The Z category security cover is reserved for individuals who face significant threats or hold influential positions.

Ganguly’s contributions to Indian cricket as a player and as the former President of BCCI have earned him immense popularity and respect. The enhanced security measures acknowledge the potential risks associated with his public presence.

The West Bengal government is providing increased security to safeguard Ganguly, a beloved figure in the state, and recognize his role in inspiring young cricketers and sports enthusiasts across the country.

The upgraded security cover allows Ganguly to fulfill his responsibilities and commitments with confidence and peace of mind. It reinforces the government’s commitment to prioritizing his safety.

While specific threats are undisclosed, the Z category security cover brings additional layers of protection, including armed guards, fortified vehicles, and advanced surveillance measures.

Ganguly’s journey from cricketer to cricket administrator has been remarkable, and his leadership has positively shaped Indian cricket.

The West Bengal government’s decision to elevate Ganguly’s security cover demonstrates their recognition of his stature and the need to safeguard his well-being.

In conclusion, the West Bengal government’s upgrade of Sourav Ganguly’s security cover to the Z category ensures his safety and acknowledges his significant contributions to cricket.

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