Rohit Sharma : The Hitman

Rohit Sharma : The Hitman

Rohit Sharma for whom “Talent” an apparently heartening term that has followed him around like a shadow; even haunted him at times. Rohit Sharma has proved with his journey from being a promising talent to a reliable and prolific ODI opener for India. He is known for his stylish and effective batting, and he possesses a unique set of skills that make him one of the most admired and successful cricketers in the world.

Initial Selection: Rohit Sharma was initially picked for the ODI team somewhat unexpectedly, based on his outstanding performances in the World T20 and his impressive record in the Ranji Trophy.

CB Series in Australia: He made an impact in the CB Series in Australia, where he played crucial roles in matches against renowned bowlers like Brett Lee and Stuart Clark, as well as against a strong Sri Lankan bowling attack. These performances impressed the selectors.

Extended Run: His strong performances in the World T20 and the CB series earned him an extended run in the limited-overs side, indicating that the selectors had faith in his abilities.

2015 World Cup: Rohit continued his success in ODIs and had a notable performance in the 2015 World Cup. He ended the tournament as India’s second-highest run-scorer with a total of 330 runs, which included a century in the quarter-final against Bangladesh and two fifties.

Breakthrough as Opener: In early 2016, Rohit Sharma delivered a breakthrough performance as an opener during a limited-overs tour of Australia. He scored back-to-back centuries and a 99 in the series, finally justifying the faith placed in him by the selectors and his captain.

Change in Approach: It mentions that Rohit had developed a habit of starting his ODI innings slowly and steadily but evolved into a one-day “monster,” suggesting that he had become more aggressive and consistent in his approach as an opener.


Effortless Shot Making: Rohit Sharma is known for making cricket look easy with his effortless shot-making. His batting style is aesthetically pleasing, and he can play shots that leave cricket fans in awe.

Risk Management: One of his strengths is his ability to take bowlers apart without taking too many risks. He relies on cricketing shots and backs his ability to hit straight, which allows him to maintain a high strike rate without resorting to overly risky shots.

Phenomenal Strike Rate: Despite not playing too many risky shots, Rohit Sharma can maintain a phenomenal strike rate, showcasing his ability to score quickly and effectively in limited-overs cricket.

Pull Shot Mastery: Rohit Sharma is particularly renowned for his ability to play the pull shot to perfection. He is quick to spot short-pitched deliveries and dispatch them into the stands. This is a skill that many players struggle with, especially in India, but Rohit excels in this aspect.

Exceptional Timing and Power: His batting prowess is characterized by exceptional timing and the ability to hit the ball with great power. This combination allows him to consistently find gaps in the field and clear boundaries.

Versatility: Rohit Sharma is not limited to one style of play. He is a versatile batsman who can adapt to various situations and conditions, making him a valuable asset to the team.

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