Mujeeb Ur Rahman : Spin Master

Mujeeb Ur Rahman : Spin Master

Mujeeb Zadran’s journey as a spin bowler began when he discovered his knack for spin bowling by trying to grip a tennis ball between his fingers to bowl off-breaks and carom balls. This unconventional start eventually led him to develop his skills as a spin bowler. He had an impactful start to his international career, particularly in the series against Bangladesh. He played a crucial role in helping his team, possibly Afghanistan, secure a 3-1 series victory in Bangladesh. This early international success demonstrated his potential as a spin bowler on the international stage.His peak in youth cricket is highlighted by a remarkable spell where he took 7 wickets for just 19 runs while defending a modest total of 133. This performance showcased his ability to handle pressure situations and make a significant impact with his spin bowling. Mujeeb ended the landmark series with a record 17 wickets, underlining his impressive performance and impact during the tournament. His cricketing journey began with an unconventional approach to spin bowling, and he quickly rose to prominence through successful performances, both in domestic and international cricket. His early success hinted at his potential to become a notable spin bowler, setting the stage for what was to come in his cricketing career. 


Mystery Spinner: Mujeeb Ur Rahman is described as belonging to the category of “mystery” spinners. This term is often used for spin bowlers who have unconventional or difficult-to-read deliveries that can deceive batsmen.

Nagging Accuracy: One of his strengths is his accuracy as a bowler. Accuracy is crucial for any spinner, and it allows him to consistently hit the right areas and build pressure on the batsmen.

Carrom Ball: His judicious use of the carrom ball, a delivery that can be tricky for batsmen to pick. This suggests that he has a good repertoire of variations in his bowling.

Temperament and Experience: Mujeeb is praised for his temperament, which is considered a strength. Despite his relatively young age, he has played in various cricket competitions around the world and has been highly successful. This exposure has given him valuable experience in a short period of time.

Bowling Speed and Height: His quick bowling and the height from which he delivers the ball are noted as factors that make him difficult to face. Bowling from a height can create bounce and make it challenging for batsmen to judge the trajectory of the delivery.
Variations: While it’s mentioned that his variations may not be as evident on certain types of pitches, his control over these variations sets him apart from other bowlers. This control allows him to deceive batsmen effectively.

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