MS Dhoni Tops ASIC’s List of Celebrities Violating Advertising Rules

MS Dhoni Tops ASIC’s List of Celebrities Violating Advertising Rules

According to a recent report by the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni has been identified as the top celebrity violating advertising rules. The ASCI, a self-regulatory body for the advertising industry in India, found that Dhoni was involved in misleading advertisements.


ASCI scrutinises various advertisements to ensure they adhere to ethical guidelines and do not mislead consumers. Dhoni, who has endorsed numerous brands throughout his career, was found to be associated with advertisements that violated ASCI’s regulations.


The council has taken a strict stance against misleading advertisements, aiming to protect consumers from false claims and ensure responsible advertising practices. ASCI’s efforts involve monitoring advertisements across multiple platforms, including television, print, and digital media.


While Dhoni’s popularity and influence have made him a sought-after brand ambassador, this investigation highlights the importance of responsible celebrity endorsements. Advertisers must ensure that the products or services they promote meet the necessary quality standards and do not mislead consumers.


ASIC’s report serves as a reminder to both celebrities and advertisers about the importance of upholding ethical advertising practices. By adhering to these guidelines, they can maintain trust and credibility among consumers and contribute to a healthier advertising ecosystem.

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