Josh Hazlewood : Australia’s Fast Pacer

Josh Hazlewood : Australia’s Fast Pacer

Josh Hazlewood displayed his cricketing talent from a young age and made his First-class debut at the age of 17 during the 2008-09 season. This achievement made him the youngest fast bowler ever to represent New South Wales in First-class cricket. He was gradually introduced to various formats of the game in the domestic circuit, indicating a systematic development in his career. Hazlewood made a surprise debut in One Day Internationals (ODIs) in 2010, suggesting that he was seen as a promising talent and given opportunities in the international arena relatively early in his career. He has had to shoulder extra responsibility at times and that he has embraced this role. This indicates his reliability as a bowler who can handle pressure situations. His skills have been evident both at home and overseas, particularly in seamer-friendly conditions. Additionally, he has shown his ability to adapt and perform well in subcontinental conditions. He utilizes reverse swing and accuracy to trouble batsmen, highlighting his versatility as a fast bowler. Hazlewood became the youngest player to represent his country at the age of 19 and was adjudged the Man of the Match in the final Under-19 World Cup in New Zealand. He took the first ever wicket in the historic first day-night Test match in 2015 and was part of the Australia team that won both the 2015 Cricket World Cup and 2021 Men’s T20 World Cup. Josh Hazlewood’s adaptability, ability to maintain a consistent line and length, and his skill in using swing and varying strategies in different formats make him a valuable asset to any cricket team. His ability to adapt to conditions is a hallmark of his effectiveness as a fast bowler. 


Adaptability to Conditions: Hazlewood’s biggest strength is his ability to adapt to varying conditions. While he is primarily known as a Test bowler, he can adjust his bowling style to suit different formats and conditions.

Consistency in Line and Length: He has the capability to maintain a consistent line and length over the course of an entire spell, which can test a batsman’s patience. This consistency is a key trait for a fast bowler, especially in Test cricket.

Effective Use of Swing: In conditions that are windy and favor pace, Hazlewood is skilled at bowling deliveries outside the fourth or fifth stump and relying on the movement in the air to bring the ball back onto the batsman’s boots. This demonstrates his ability to exploit favorable conditions to trouble batsmen.

Variation in T20 Cricket: Even in T20 cricket, Hazlewood has shown adaptability. He used short-length deliveries angled away from the batsman during a season of the Indian T20 League. Despite occasional boundaries, he persisted with this strategy and eventually reaped rewards.

Consistency in Hitting the Top of Stumps: His deliveries primarily target the top of the stumps, making it difficult for batsmen to get him away, as he consistently hits the top end of the bat.

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