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The match between AUSTRALIA vs NETHERLANDS will take place on 25th Oct at 2:00 PM IST at Arun Jaitley Stadium, New Delhi.


Australia and Netherlands have faced each other in 2 matches in ODI. Out of these 2 games, Australia have won 2 whereas Netherlands have come out victorious on 0 occasions.

AUSTRALIA PERFORMANCES : Here’s a brief summary of performances and achievements :

Mitch Starc: Starc is known for his rapid inswinging yorkers, which have instilled fear among opposition teams. His ability to deliver these lethal deliveries makes him a formidable fast bowler.

Glenn Maxwell: Maxwell is recognized for his unorthodox shot-making in pursuit of boundaries. While this approach may make him a target for criticism at times, it’s also a testament to his aggressive style of play.

Josh Hazlewood: Despite bowling 77 overs across the first two Tests against a rival, Hazlewood managed to claim four wickets. His accuracy and consistent line and length make him a valuable asset in the Australian bowling attack.

Pat Cummins: Cummins is considered an enigmatic figure in Australian and world cricket. He showcased his pace and ability to deliver searing bouncers, which set him apart from most bowlers in the world.

Steven Smith: Smith had a productive year in 2021, scoring 430 International test runs for Australia in five matches with an average of 53.75 and a strike rate of 52.05. He also holds the record for the highest runs in international test cricket, highlighting his consistency and talent as a batsman.

Travis Head: Head scored 248 International test runs with an exceptional average of 62.00 and a strike rate of 86.71. His ability to perform consistently and maintain a high average makes him a valuable contributor to the Australian team.

These performances and achievements illustrate the diverse talents and skills of these Australian cricketers in both batting and bowling. They have contributed significantly to the success of the Australian cricket team in international test matches.

NETHERLANDS PERFORMANCES : Here’s a brief summary of performances and achievements :

Bas de Leede: Bas de Leede is an emerging all-rounder who has been making a name for himself in the Dutch cricket team. His right-arm medium bowling has been effective, and his ability to contribute with both bat and ball makes him a valuable asset for the team. His status as the joint-highest wicket-taker showcases his bowling prowess.

Max O’Dowd: Max O’Dowd is an experienced player in the Dutch squad and has proven to be a standout performer. His ability to make an impact on the pitch and his wealth of experience make him a key player in the team. O’Dowd’s contributions are not only significant for his team but also serve as an inspiration for the younger players in the squad.

Colin Ackermann: Colin Ackermann is a versatile player who has played various roles in the Dutch cricket team. Whether anchoring the innings or finishing it off, Ackermann’s adaptability and ability to slot into different positions in the middle order provide flexibility to the team’s batting lineup. His skills and experience make him a valuable asset.

These players are instrumental in the Netherlands cricket team’s performances and achievements. Their versatility and contributions in different aspects of the game are crucial for the team’s success and development in international cricket.


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