Faf du Plessis Praises Virat Kohli: “Playing Alongside Him Is an Amazing Experience”

Faf du Plessis Praises Virat Kohli: “Playing Alongside Him Is an Amazing Experience”

Du Plessis, who has shared the cricket pitch with Kohli on multiple occasions, conveyed his profound respect for the Indian batting maestro. Referring to Kohli as one of the game’s finest talents, he highlighted the immense challenge of competing against him but emphasised that the experience of playing alongside him offers even greater satisfaction.


The South African cricketer commended Kohli for his exceptional skills, citing his ability to dominate bowlers with his aggressive batting style as well as his commitment to the game. Du Plessis added that Kohli’s drive and determination to succeed make him a valuable asset in any team.


Du Plessis went on to mention the tremendous respect and friendship he shares with Kohli, highlighting the positive atmosphere created by his presence. He noted that playing alongside Kohli allows players to witness his dedication, work ethic, and passion for the game firsthand, which further fuels their own motivation.


The former Proteas captain also praised Kohli’s leadership qualities, emphasising his ability to inspire and rally his team members. According to Du Plessis, Kohli’s leadership on the field sets a high standard, urging his teammates to raise their performance levels and play at their best.


Du Plessis concluded by expressing his gratitude for having had the opportunity to play alongside Kohli and learn from him. He acknowledged that playing against Kohli can be daunting, given his exceptional skills and competitive spirit. However, he firmly believed that the privilege of being Kohli’s teammate surpasses the challenge of facing him as an opponent.


In summary, Faf du Plessis, in an interview, conveyed his admiration for Virat Kohli, expressing that playing alongside him provides a more fulfilling experience compared to competing against him. Du Plessis lauded Kohli’s exceptional skills, his positive impact on team dynamics, and his inspiring leadership qualities. The former South African captain concluded by acknowledging the immense privilege of playing alongside one of the game’s greatest talents.

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