“Loved the light light show” – David Warner pushes back on Glenn Maxwell’s remarks of the light show in Delhi

“Loved the light light show” – David Warner pushes back on Glenn Maxwell’s remarks of the light show in Delhi

It seems that David Warner and Glenn Maxwell had differing opinions about the light show during the drinks break at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi. Both were part of the Australian cricket team during a match against the Netherlands. The Australian team achieved a significant victory with record-breaking performances from both Warner and Maxwell.

David Warner’s disagreement with Glenn Maxwell over calling the light show a “terrible idea” suggests that there might have been a disagreement or difference of opinion within the team regarding some aspect of their match preparation or the match-day experience. However, without further details, it’s challenging to provide specific information about the nature of their disagreement.

In the match itself, it’s worth noting that Warner and Maxwell made significant contributions. On the field of play, the Aussies trounced the Netherlands by a record 309 runs. Warner’s century marked him as Australia’s leading World Cup centurion with his sixth century in World Cup matches, and Maxwell’s fast century off just 40 deliveries is an outstanding achievement, showcasing his exceptional batting prowess. Their performances likely played a key role in the team’s comprehensive victory against the Netherlands.

Speaking to the broadcasters following his century, Maxwell shared his strong disapproval of the light show during the drinks break.

“Well, something similar happened at Perth Stadium during a Big Bash game and I just felt like it gave me shocking headaches and it takes me a while for my eyes to readjust. I just think it’s the dumbest idea for cricketers when you’ve got this thing coming at you quickly and your eyes take so long to adjust,” Maxwell said.
The 35-year-old also cited an example of something similar at the Perth Stadium that resulted in him having a headache.

“I think we just lost a wicket and the Perth Stadium lights went nuts and I was at the other end and it took me ages to get my eyes to go again and I felt like I had a headache,” Maxwell added. “So I just try and cover up as much as I possibly can and ignore it but it’s a horrible, horrible idea. Great for the fans, but horrible for the players.”

However, David Warner took to his Twitter handle after the game and disagreed with Glenn Maxwell’s take. “I absolutely loved the light show, what an atmosphere. It’s all about the fans. Without you all we won’t be able to do what we love,” Warner tweeted.

The duo have each played for the Delhi Capitals in the IPL. Glenn Maxwell represented the franchise in 2012 and 2018, while Warner played from 2009 to 2013 before reuniting with them in 2022.

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