Assad Vala : Versatility In His Veins

Assad Vala : Versatility In His Veins

Assad Vala is indeed a notable cricketer from Papua New Guinea (PNG). His cricket journey began at the U19 level, where he displayed his talent and dedication to the sport. One of the significant milestones in Assad Vala’s career was when he became the captain of the PNG national cricket team in 2018. This leadership role reflects his contributions to the team and his ability to lead by example. In addition to his batting prowess, One of the standout moments in Assad Vala’s career was his century on his First-class debut during the Intercontinental Cup 2015-17. This achievement not only showcased his talent but also demonstrated his ability to perform consistently at a high level of cricket. Assad Vala’s journey in cricket has been marked by hard work, skill, and dedication, and he has undoubtedly played a crucial role in promoting the sport of cricket in Papua New Guinea. His achievements and contributions to the national team have earned him recognition as one of the genuine local talents in the country’s cricketing history.


Assad Vala comes from a cricket-loving family. They inspired him to the heights. His strength is derived from his kin and he has displayed excellent skills.He is known for his exceptional batting skills, particularly as a top-order batsman who often opens the innings for his team. Cricket is a sport that often brings families together, and his story is a testament to that.Assad Vala is also a valuable off-spin bowler, making him a versatile player who can contribute effectively in white-ball cricket formats. This all-round ability adds depth to his team’s options and makes him a valuable asset. The skipper is the leading run-scorer for his team in the tournament with 356 runs at 44.50, he also scored his maiden century against Namibia in the previous match, which is something he is really proud of.

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